Why hire a Campervan?

I have to stop asking silly questions!

Here are our top 5 reasons why we think you will love Van life 🙂

Convenience, spontaneity, comfort and adventure all wrapped up and tied in a bow 🙂

Feed your spirit of adventure and have the freedom to travel as reasonably and as far as you can. Campervans are ‘homes on wheels’ and you would be amazed at how equipped they are and how much space you have, although you do need to be super organised (Tip: don’t put your toothbrush in with the knives, minted toast in the morning does not go down well 🙁 )

Whether you choose to follow an itinerary or you want to fly by the seat of your pants and do pit stops whenever you please, you are in complete control. No more check in and checkouts ‘YAY’ 🙂 Camper vans are ‘Homes on Wheels’

You can be as sociable or as unsociable as the mood takes you. They are perfect for a socially distanced holiday. You can even change your mind at the drop of a hat (or is that just me?) 🙂

VW campervans do not have parking restrictions so basically you can go wherever whenever. Whether it be parked up in a National Trust Car park or parked up with a jaw dropping vista, whatever rocks your boat or van 🙂

Us our National Trust Membership for free parking ( at most places )
You will… oops I mean might get lost, no need to panic, our built in SatNav will get you back on track soon enough. The journey does not have to stop there, with unlimited mileage you can take her where your heart desires.

Campervans are better than tents because…….

  1. They offer a level of protection a tent can’t! They don’t blow down when its blowing a hoolie, they don’t flap and keep you awake and you don’t wake up with the side of the tent stuck to your face ( or was that just me? ) Ok so they rock but that happens from the inside!
  2. You can drive them. If the weather gets bad and there is a threat of flood or snow you can up and leave with a level of smugness.
  3. They don’t leak! A well made camper ( Dolly ) does not leak.
  4. You don’t sleep on the ground ( unless you have had to many vinos ) You are on wheels which means you will be more toasty.
  5. They do not have to be dried out and don’t need to be stuffed in a bag which does not fit!
  6. They have their own power source. Radios, Fridges, charging mobiles, TV/DVD player.
  7. You even get a good night sleep on a slope. With the clever use of levelling chocks you can sleep on the level. Who ever heard of a self levelling tent?
  8. You can sleep in a camper just about anywhere – Obvs you need to be prepared to be moved on.
  9. Creep Crawlies find it harder to crawl into a Camper ( Keep the window and door closed and lights off to avoid the flying variety from sneaking in )
  10. You can lock them from the inside if like me you watch too many movies.
Who is going to have the top bunk?????