Dog friendly Campervans

We know how hard it is leaving pets behind when you go on holidays, how expensive it can be and what great travelling companions they are so with this in mind we have made our vans pet friendly. We love dogs and ‘Monty’ our Parson Terrier is the most travelled pooch we know. As with all vans there is limited space so we can only allow one dog, although we have been known to let 2 small pooches travel ( we couldn’t leave one behind ) There is a small pet charge for your fur babies for cleaning.
Well-behaved dogs are very welcome in all our vans and for those who are on their best behaviour there is a treat on arrival.
Bio Degradable Poo Bags are also supplied and they must always be disposed of..

We look forward to welcoming your furry friends who will join our much talked about ‘Dub Dog’ hall of fame!!!

Pets Rule…I mean Pet Rules 🙂

  1. Please do not let your fur baby on the seats or on the beds.. If they give you that look then please ensure there is a blanket or bed for them to curl up on. Dogs are not allowed on the pop up top bed. A good idea is to keep them off the seat near the hobs. We still don’t know who ate that last piece of bacon!
  2. Please do not tie your pooch on a lead in the van and better still never tie them to the leg of the table as we once found when Monty saw a squirrel and he ended up covered up in a fry up and breakfast was no longer 🙂
  3. Always keep your dog under control and on a lead around livestock.
  4. Always dispose of poo bags, please do not hang them on trees like weird Christmas decorations
  5. FOX POO!!! This is a non..non..non.. Please ensure all traces are gone and double, triple check!! It might be the Chanel for dogs but the smell will never leave you or our van 🙂 Fox Poo Shampoo is provided.
  6. In all our vans there is a dustpan and brush, we would really appreciate it if you could have a sweep up after your fur babies holibobs.