Our story

Time to put the kettle on….

Travel is a huge passion of ours and we firmly believe that adventure is out there for all to experience. Yours truly was diagnosed with a serious case of Wanderlust many moons ago, for those who are unaware of this condition, it is a wish to travel far away and to many different places and there is no cure. I constantly have an itch to scratch when it comes to all things travel so in 2016 we dipped our toes into the property market and purchased our first holiday rental in the French Alps and we have never looked back…I have a weakness for all things cheese and wine of the red kind so it wasn’t a tough decision to make really 🙂

We have been welcoming guests for ski, alpine and adventure holidays for over 5 years and due to high demand we purchased our second property in 2020 both situated in the beautiful alpine village of Montchavin La Plagne, Paradiski. View website

We know how to look after guests and take great pride in being involved at every stage of you journey, beginning, middle and end. That’s not to say you will find us hidden under the bench bed but we are happy to advise and point you in the right direction.

We love to travel on the open road and after many late night chats we took the plunge and purchased ‘Dolly’ our first VW T6 Campervan and instantly fell in love with van life. We have taken her all over Europe and Scotland and enjoyed many a Friday night adventure in the Lake District.

We kept her all to ourselves for 2 whole amazing years until we looked out the window and thought she looked lonely when she should be exploring and the rest is history 🙂
Since launching our business in 2020 we have been lucky enough to meet so many Campervan enthusiasts and their fur babies! We have welcomed ‘Campermooners’ those who ‘Try before they buy’, ‘Giddy Kippers’ and an ‘Adventure Queen’ celebrating her 80th Birthday, a real highlight of the year!

We never imagined in our wildest dreams that we would sell out every single night ( lots of scrubbing ) from launch day to lockdown. We just couldn’t keep up with demand so what does one do……Buy another! So after many lockdown nights and spreadsheets 🙁 we found what we were looking for or maybe we couldn’t quite forget our new van adorned in Metallic Kurkuma Yellow and Dixie joined the Lakes Escape Family 🙂

Shortly after popping Dixie on sale she too was a popular kinda gal so we had a waiting list starting to develop, I mean who likes being on a waiting list..NOT ME! so more spreadsheets later..a few rum and cokes later and we only went and bought another and now we have a FLEET!! Eek…yes a FLEET! That sounds both frightening and exciting at the same time…lots more scrubbing at Lakes Escape HQ 🙂

They are all our pride and joy ( not allowed to have favourites ) so like with all children we ask that you take good care of them, nurture them and make sure they behave!

Wanderlust is contagious so we wish you many amazing adventures in our campers and look forward to you returning again in the future.