The Gormans

Loved our experience in Dolly. No time restraints, freedom to travel where we wanted.We saw so much in a short time.
Dolly was well equipped ,we lacked for nothing ,only a small stool to make getting the bikes on and off the rack a little easier as we are both vertically challenged.
Fresh from CWT in High Dam we searched for our next “experience”..Two baby boomers from the silver generation with faces like robbers dogs 
spotted Dolly on line. Surprisingly the “Fun Sponge “ led the operation this time out. She was “quite clear”, “no doubt”…….”some how”……………….. we were going to find a way.
Using ideas as our map we planned it, did it and now Zoe want us to review it. “Sum it up in a couple of lines she said.”
“ We were so much older then, were younger than that now”