Covid 19

The health and safety of customers is our priority.

In line with government guidelines to ensure our vehicle is Covid Clean we will take the following actions to help prevent the spread of Coronovirus.

  1. To allow for more time to deep clean we are extending the time between drop offs and collections.  The earliest collection time is 5pm and the latest drop off will be 11am. Please allow an hour on these times for Check in and Check out.
  2. A deep clean will carried out followed by a period where the van will be disinfected.  Cleaning first gets rid of the dirt and disinfecting will kill the germs, which lowers the risk of coronavirus infection.  All cleaning products will contain viricidal agents needed to kill flu viruses.  
  3. We recommend you bring your own bedding to reduce the risk of contamination.  If this is not possible then this can be added as an optional extra.  All hired bedding will be washed on the highest temperature setting.
  4. We know the last thing you will want to do is clean whilst on holiday but wiping surfaces and washing hands will help reduce the risk of contamination therefore we will stock the campervan with disinfectant and cleaning products for the duration of the hire.
  5. Where possible we will try and leave 24 hours in between rentals, however during the busy periods we will ensure the van will be ventilated before, during and after cleaning.

Please remember to bring Hand Santiser on your road trip

Most campsites officially opened their fields from 4th July and face many new challenges therefore we strongly advise that you plan your Lakes Escape adventure well in advance as camping pitches may be limited. Please note that not all sites are open and others are remaining closed to campervans until they are able to provide covid secure communal facilities. Many sites require pitches to be pre-booked so we advise planning in advance as opposed to just rocking up. It is a legal requirement for pitches to be spaced a minimum of 5m apart, however some sites have extended spaces. For those who are looking to wild camp please check out our Tips and Trips page for advise and guidance.